Heat pumps

Heat Pumps supplies

Complete supplies for the construction of heat pumps and geothermal systems, we supply the materials, you do the work. Competitive prices and top quality materials are our strength.

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Raw material

Raw Materials Supplies

We sell high quality raw materials for construction at competitive prices. Everything you will ever need for building and construction we can supply, click below for more information

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Scaffolding supplies

Scaffolding is an indispensable part of the construction process and formwork systems. For the safety of both your building and your employees. We supply high quality scaffolding at competitive prices, click below for more information.

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Our power

Here at Consall we excel in the sale of building materials. We have combined traditional products with industry innovations to give the customer the best possible choice. Completing your home in the best possible way is of vital importance we will provide materials to accomplish the best aesthetics with functionality.

Architect and technicians

Finding the best solution for the customer is a fruit of Competence and Training. We will give you the best possible advice to buy the materials you need, Our knowledge base is complete and specific.

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Reliable Service

We provide professional and reliable service, our employees will suggest the best possible deal.

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Quality Materials

We sell only top quality materials and equipments.

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Fast Delivery

We provide fast delivery to ensure that you receive your materials as soon as possible.

What we sell

The best building materials and supplies at competitive prices.

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Bathroom supplies


Bathroom sinks

Waterproofing and tanking

Silicones and Sealants

Shower trays

Shower box

Swowering, Toilets, Basins and mutch more

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Solar Panels

Solar supplies

Monocrystalline Solar Panels

Polycristalline Solar Panels

Solar cables and connectors

Solar inverters, network tied and not

Battery storage systems

Solar implant Design and solutions

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Soft flooring

Tile leveling sistems

Bathroom tiles

Gres tiles, Pvc tiles, Magnetic tiles

Tile Adhesives, Grouts and Levelers

Cleaners and Sealants

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Wood supplies

Panels Planks Beams

Compensate panels

laminated beams

Silicones and Sealants

Wood Planks

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Piping systems

Pipes and connections

Pvc piping

Brass and metal piping

Multilayer Pipes

floor heating elements

All tipes of pipe connections

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Steel supplies

Steel rods and grids

Building grids

Steel rods of all kinds

All Steel products for building

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Briks supplies

Bricks and building systems

Concrete bricks

Stone bricks

Terracotta bricks

And many more kinds of bricks

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Concrete and all mixes

mixes and concrete

Concrete mixes

Limestone bags

Gipsum bags

Mortar bags

Flooring products

Roofing products and sealants

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Sealants and Adhesives

sealants and adhesives

Roofing sealants

Tile glues and selants

Bathroom sealants

And many more Cleaners and Sealants

Let us ear from you, contact us fo more information.

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What our Client Say?

Our clients are completely happy with our products.

"Great value and fine products. one of the best purchase experience by all means."

"Will totally buy again from Consall."

"The materials came quickly, the quality of materials was very high, and clients very glad of the results. i will buy again from Consall for sure."

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